Who Am I?

Ni Hao! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out my photography! I hope you appreciate the glimpses of life’s glories as much as I have ūüôā

As for me,¬†I’m DeceptivelyBlonde from the blog over here. ¬†I’m currently a Professor, Consultant, Researcher and Author in the area of Comparative Culture as reflected in Business, Ethics, and Legal practices in Asia and the United States. ¬†At present, I am loving my life at a joint program between Rutgers University and Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China. I am very blessed with the opportunity to embrace the culture, history, and gentle-hearted people who live here. ¬†

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced many difficult times and faced down dark paths. ¬†Art, Photography, and Literature are the things that kept me going – never failing to¬†infuse me with hope and a renewed determination to enjoy life at it’s fullest. ¬†The world is full of amazing and wonderous things – both in¬†mankind’s accomplishments which speak to the ingenuity of the human mind and in the exquisite intricacies visible in nature’s offerings. ¬†¬†

I believe the goal of life is to find as much joy and passion as we can, looking all around us and savoring as many moments as we can. With that goal in mind, my photography is dedicated to preserving these moments as I see them. I hope that they will speak to your heart as they have to mine. 

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