Friends for Life!



Feeding the Elephants at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo!

Yum Yum

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Local Street food market in Incheon, ROK.  The food looked delicious and there was so much of it!  Probably a dozen little huts set up all selling fruits, vegetables, and potatoes is varying kinds 🙂

Romance in the City


I just loved this little splash of romance in the middle of the city 🙂

Mini Tiger Flower



Roof Garden in Seoul

Roof Garden

Roof Garden in Seoul, Korea.  I had never really been on one of the roof gardens, so I expected then to be kind of small.  However, apparently some of them are a pretty decent size!

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

The Monument at the War Memorial of Korean. Funny thing, I thought it was supposed to be the Korean War Museum (i.e. just that war), but it is actually dedicated to all the wars they’ve fought in. So it included stuff clear back to the ancient days. This monument though was their big dedication to the Korean War.



I like this picture of Seoul; it almost looks like something out of the really old-fashioned cameras. 🙂