My Schedule

Hi Everyone!

My Schedule The next two weeks Week:

  • Translate 2 Chapter Study Guides into Chinese
  • Email 150 C Students new assignments
  • Teach 12 classes each week
  • Create 2 new Study guides
  • Create 2 new Quizzes
  • Prepare the final Class Party
  • Grade approximately 8¬†assignments at 450 students each.
  • Prepare my final exam
  • Meet approximately 30 students one-on-one
  • Grade Blackboard discussions at 112 groups and then one for each of 450 students.
  • Attend Graduation
  • Participate in Homecoming
  • Give the Final Exam
  • Finish Random Other Assignments


Long story short – the next two weeks I’ll be EXTREMELY BUSY, so I may not really post. ¬†Please don’t worry. As soon as the final exam is over, I’ll be back. I Promise!

Cheep Cheep


Birdies for Sale at local Street Market

Big Fish in a Small Pond


Koi swimming in a small Temple Pool

Painted Peonies


Beautiful Garden wall lining one of the local Peony Gardens