On the Parapet!

While walking along the wall yesterday, I saw a pair of pet parrots on the parapet 😂😂😂 No lie! 😄🐦🐦

Painted Peonies


Beautiful Garden wall lining one of the local Peony Gardens

Resting Spot

Great Wall

Bridge along the Great Wall of China.  Well, not so much a bridge as a sitting area along the river where you take a break.  Really beautiful!



He went so fast he broke through the other side!


Man in Wall

He broke the wall. . . Wonder how much that little accident cost him :P (via Incheon Airport in Korea)

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

I’m back! And boy do I have loads of pictures to share!!  Here’s the first 🙂 You know all those lovely photos of the Great Wall of China where the people are standing on a long flat wall smiling happily?  They lied.

The portion of the Great Wall I climbed was neither flat nor leading to happy smiles. We literally thought we would die.  It was a steep climb hundreds (literally. . . no exaggeration) of stairs dead straight up the mountain pass. No flat places; nowhere to rest except every hundred or so steps; and the steps themselves were sometimes higher than my knees.  0_0  And then you had to go down. I died. Several times over in fact.

But Oh My, What A View!