Soft Sunday

Oh to be as comfortable as ‘Spot the Cat’ 🥰 Snoozing all nestled up comfy as could be. He hasn’t moved since we came a couple hours ago 😴

White Tails in the Sunset

Deer against the horizon

Rocky the Raccoon!

Rocky the Raccoon!

Who, who, who wants to play? 🦉

Spring Baby Lambies

Baby lambs in a spring field

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Made a new friend yesterday 😄😺

Scared the heck heck out of me by rubbing up against my legs on the middle of the empty beach. 😂 Had no idea he was there or where he came from. . . he just spooked me then lay down in my shadow. Followed us around for a while as laid in my shadow every time we paused 😍

Sea Slug for Dinner?

Sea Slug – wanna taste? 😋🍽️ Think I’ll pass

Stone Cold

Beware – all who enter here. Come with good intentions or taste good with BBQ – either way. I love the Chinese #chimera statues ❤💕 Very majestic looking, but I also feel they would be friendly!

Rooster Gone Traveling

Lady on the bus brought Rocky the Rooster with her 😂 Yes, he’s alive! Well behaved I’d say!