Thankful for Family Crafts!

We’re crafting Christmas Gnomes as a family Thanksgiving project.  We finished the demo / sample pattern. I think he’s gonna be cute 😍

My aunts, mom, and I often enjoy family crafting projects. Sometimes we sell them at a local church fundraiser, but often we just make enough for each family to take home.  I grew up making angels, reindeer, santas, and ornaments. Listening to them talk and chatter around me. 

My uncles often join in as well, proving the heavier labor and helping engineer and create the parts and materials.

These are precious memories and remind me how Thankful I am for my extended family ❤️

Finished Project!

We’ll fill the jar with cookies and treats for The holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall Foilage

Today. . . Life is Good

Ice Storms

☃️ The ice man cometh

Christmas Star Bright

Did you see the Christmas Star? ✨🌟

Behind the Lights

Sometime the beauty is in the flaws 🥰

White Tails in the Sunset

Deer against the horizon


First try at Divinity candy! According to my grandmother (cooking divinity since before WW2) & my aunts / mom – it tastes pretty good!

Just Breathe

Breathe in a little green! The bright sheen just feels refreshing 😂

Nature Shines

When nature decides to bring it, she really shows her wild side 🥰 today’s sky was BREATHTAKING

The Open Skies

With the wind caressing my shoulders and the sun warming my face, let nature take its course for I am fearless as the wild oaks of old.