Just Breathe

Breathe in a little green! The bright sheen just feels refreshing 😂

Withstand the Winds of Time

Reaching up to the sun. Twisting in the wind. A lifetime of pages turning in a neverending ages. Grasping at storms. Sunning bare arms. Shelter for man and creature and memories. Hardened with history, hiding the mysteries of time.

It’s #Spring!

A Lovely #Spring Day!

I just ❤ the Beautiful trees here on campus! Spring is one of my favorite seasons!

#Flowers are Budding!

#spring is here!  The flower trees are blooming!
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Blossoms of Spring

Gave some exams near the Campus Library  and got this treat 🙂 Green and Pink, my favorite colors! I just love the beauty of the flowering season. And here in China, it’ll last until well into the fall!


Rising Through the Mist


A Touch of Floral