When the Waves Rise up to Meet You

The crashing waves are soothing in their constsency – rising up and falling back over and over 🥰

The Open Skies

With the wind caressing my shoulders and the sun warming my face, let nature take its course for I am fearless as the wild oaks of old.

Jeju Beaches

Perfection 🐠🐚🌴

Surf’s Up

Summer is here! Hoping the virus calms soon so everyone can get their chance at the waves 💕🌴

Siloam Springs, IL

Take a breath. . . Say a prayer. 🍃

Horses on the Beach

A day at the beach 🐠🌴 I’ve never been in a place that felt more like home 💕🐚

Beach Shells

So many shells, you can feel them beneath your feet💕🐚 #Pyoseon Beach in Jeju.

A different perspective

For the world is tilted. . . Or perhaps I have gone mad.

Gwangchigi Beach

Ocean Steppes in Gwangchigi Beach 🌴 – I was fascinated by the layers and the mossy covering . This was the only beach we saw in #Jeju with sea glass 😍 It was a great day!

Falling Joy

I live not in spite of the world’s sorrows but in glorious reveling in its joys.