Fall Mums

Mums the word 🤫🥰🌼 Fall approaches

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Korean & European Folk Songs!

Very excited about my sheet music. I took lessons for 13+ years and always adored playing #piano 🎹 I had an old oak piano from a church for years, but had to let her go when I moved to China. I honestly cried. Keyboards with plastic keys just never play right to me. . . . Now I’m gonna get back to it while waiting in US 😊 These are simpler than expected (more easy than intermediate) but it’ll be good to get my fingers under me! Korean and European folk music!

Siloam Springs, IL

Take a breath. . . Say a prayer. 🍃

That Our Flag Was Still There!

That Our Flag Was Still There!

Rocky the Raccoon!

Rocky the Raccoon!

Then came the light

In the dark. . . there came light. And it was good

My Only Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey!

Put on your happy face 😉