Ba Ba Black Sheep🎡

Do you remember that old song from when you were a kid?: This sheep looks like the kind of sheep who would sing that song πŸ˜›

Ba Ba Black Sheep,
Have You Any Wool?
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three Bags Full 🎡
One for my Master
One for the Maid
One for the Little Boy
Who Lives Down the Lane 🎡


It’s so cute, I could die! 😍

Garaging in Style!

Little Garage #Art πŸ˜ƒ

Neat Cola Can Art!

OMG – these #coke cans are awesome! πŸ’• I love the #Art -now, I want them for a collection!

Rising Petals

Lovely flower sculpture in #Pudong #Airport in #Shanghai.

Tin Man Says Hi!

Y’all be happy to know that Mr. #Tinman has a family now! They are on #vacation from #Oz and stopped by #Seoul for a bit. They widh you all a happy #summer! β˜€οΈπŸ πŸ‡°

Swimming againt the Flow

Ever feel like you’re #Swimming upstream? You are πŸ˜›