Christmas Star Bright

Did you see the Christmas Star? ✨🌟

Neon Electric

Something different from my norm 🙂 Was playing around with filters on a fireworks photo I took and came out with this. I thought it looked kind of fantastical! 😛


Light in the Shadows


Sunrise, Sunset


No filters or anything! I was playing with the autofocus / speed of shutter and trying to see how clicking in before autofocus adjusted would modify the image.  I got some amazing pictures of the sunset out of it!


Evening at the Park


I love how this captures the golden Building 63 in the background.


Tianjin’s Moon

Man on the Moon from Tianjin’s view of the Night Sky 🙂

Tianjin Night Skyline

China SkylineI know it’s a little blurry, but this was shot through my very dirty hotel room.  Still I love the color contrast. Looks like something out of a futurisic fantasy book.  



Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower

I see the Moon, and the Moon sees me

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I see the Moon

And the Moon Sees Me

God bless the Moon

And God Bless Me!