Midwestern Summer

Mid-Western Summer

Took a trip this weekend through the greater Mid-west (Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois) and caught this pic. Love the sky against the background!!!

Old Barn


A touch of old.  I was actually trying to take a picture of the barn from far away, but I couldn’t back my camera out in time.  I think it came out pretty good!

Wings Aflit


Not that I like buzzards, but this was a surprisingly good picture of them 🙂

Pelicans in the Midwest!

PelicansIt’s funny.  I always thought pelicans and seagulls were oceanic birds.  However, we actually have a ton of them in the midwest.  For some reason the gulls like the Rivers (and the farms).  You will see a lot of them in the water pooling in the rows of crops on the farm.  And the pelicans show up with the eagles in winter.  Now sure if they get confused by the river water or what, but hey! I get to see pelicans!!


Pearl Button Capital

Pearl Button Capital

My best picture of the pearl diver statue in Muscatine Iowa. For those who don’t know, Muscatine was the Pearl Button capital of the world. You may actually still have pearl buttons on some blouses, they are the whitish buttons with rainbow pastel colors. Usually very thin. This is where they gathered the pearls and made the buttons.

Purely Iowa

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