Flowers Abloom

Flower Garden

Chinese Astrological Signs

Line Up

This temple at Busan had all of the 12 Chinese astrological signs set up alongside this walkway. I’m the snake! 🙂

Lily Pad Drawing

Lily Pad Drawing

Drawing of a lily on a lily pad that I scribbled in class this week.  I’m a horrible artist, but I like how this one came out 🙂  


Painted Gas Station


The BP we stopped at for directions had this amazing scene painted on the side. Isn’t it gorgeous!



Cooking Spree!

Lol, I went on a cooking spree today (see my post on DeceptivelyBlonde) and ended up decorating cookies.  I wanted to practice my different lenses on the camera, and the sprinkles/icing color changes made the colors really stand out with different lenses.  I especially like the red and black version!

Sea Gulls :)

MichiganSea gulls along the waterfront!




Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan at sunset – – so Pretty!!