Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

Yawn. . .

Yawning Monkey

While I would like to say he found me threatening and was issuing a call of challenge, I’m sorry to report that I seem to have bored him to death. He kept yawning and ignoring me as though I were nothing.  (Tear)

Hey Sweetie



This cutie was looking for handouts at the Tianjin Zoo

Hear Him Roar


:) The Tiger & Lion exhibit at the Tianjin Zoo (12th Largest in China! :P)

Lily of the Lake


Lilies in the Lake near Tianjin Municipal Museum!

Osaka Monument


Not sure what this monument stood for; but it was really cool to see. Stood right next to the Osaka Castle, and had a bunch of kids standing around doing chants that day.  NOt sure why (everyone else thought it was weird too–the Japanese people were giving them a wide berth), but they were hollering chants and what sounded like pig-calling noises (Suey…Suey).  You can see two of them at the bottom.

Resting Spot

Great Wall

Bridge along the Great Wall of China.  Well, not so much a bridge as a sitting area along the river where you take a break.  Really beautiful!

Make Your Mark

Carving Your Name

The railings of the N Seoul Tower are all carved with the names, dates, nationalities, and loving relationships between visitors. It’s always fun to walk around and see who’s come and left their mark. :)

Royal Warriors


Mural in Chinatown, Incheon on the Stairs leading up to the top of the Mountain.

Forbidden City Gate

Forbidden City