Osaka Monument


Not sure what this monument stood for; but it was really cool to see. Stood right next to the Osaka Castle, and had a bunch of kids standing around doing chants that day.  NOt sure why (everyone else thought it was weird too–the Japanese people were giving them a wide berth), but they were hollering chants and what sounded like pig-calling noises (Suey…Suey).  You can see two of them at the bottom.

3 thoughts on “Osaka Monument

    • Lol, if you get close enough to figure out what it represents, let me know! I’m really curious by the calling people wouldn’t let us close enough 🙂 It’s straight across from the museum and next to the moat. Hope your trip to Osaka is awesome! When I was there this summer, the tourist office was offering free transit on the subway if you bought your tickets from them. Enjoy!!

      • Thanks for your reply! I’ll be in Osaka in a couple of weeks and will definitely be going to the castle so if I get close enough I’ll let you know what it is.

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