B&W Mountains

B&W Mountains

I was bored and playing with pictures of the mountains; tested out the B&W option on my camera and this resulted. I love the 3D effect Plus, I like how the small historical fort on top of the far right mountain stands out!

Dragon Boats

Dragon Boat


I had the amazing opportunity to ride one of the famous dragon boats that floats across the man-made lake at the Beijing summer palace! So much fun!

Osaka Castle

Osaka CastleThe Castle in Osaka, Japan. Incredibly famous it’s one of the most popular tourist sites in Japan

Lazy Panda

Lazy Panda

This panda was a very lazy panda. He took a little nap after eating his bamboo lunch 🙂 Great day at the Tianjin Zoo!

Oil Painting Artists (Modified)

Men in Oil Paint

I took the original and played around with it a little bit until it came out looking like this. I actually like it better than the original since it picks up on the rainy day theme.

Ancient Culture Street–Original

Two Men in Oil Paint

This is the original photo I took of two men on the Ancient Culture Street. They had painted themselves in black and gold and would pose for photos. It was really cool 🙂





He went so fast he broke through the other side!


Man in Wall

He broke the wall. . . Wonder how much that little accident cost him :P (via Incheon Airport in Korea)

Seoul Vista

Seoul Vista

View of the city of Seoul from one of the bridges on the Cheongyecheon Stream