This is part of the #Sanjusangendo temple. These are replicas of the deity Kannon. Kannon has 1000 arms, so each statue has 42 arms in rows of 25 (to cover the 25 planes). Altogether it means it represents the 10000 arms. They each also have several heads. Supposedly they have 10 heads with which to see human suffering and 10 times that many arms with which to eliminate human suffering. They are protected by the statutes of the warriors (most of which are deities from the Hindu faith–i.e. Braham is a guardian of the Kannon here, but the God of Creation in Hindu). There are hundreds of these and they date back to the 1200s.

I Feel Pretty 🎵

Starbucks bears – Japanese Style!

Kyoto – I’m Back!

Through Ancient Roofs



The modern Kyoto Tower through the roofs of one of the Shrines


My Peaceful Spot


Koi Fish swimming around the pond next to the temple at Arashiyama

Spring Cabinets



Hand-painted Wardrobe in a Japanese Temple



Temple Gardens in Kyoto

Osaka from the Ferris Wheel