Happy Trees!

Celebrations abound! Festive palm tree in Taipei

Green Tea Tree

Ok Korea, I Love a good hot cocoa and this mint Chocolate was delish. But WHY add the green tea tree on top?!? Cocoa doesn’t need tea! And I thought it was a mint cookie. . . . it was horrible! Trickery I tell you! But seriously, if you’re in Korea for the #olympics, you gotta try their cafes. They are SO good. Cafe Bene and Angel-N-Us are two of my faves. Fellow #traveler, which coffee shop is your guilty pleasure?

Christmas Balloons!

#Christmas is here with trees and Christmas Light #balloons !!!!

They make the ballooons by taping lights on the outside. They are so beautiful and awesome!!

April Shower and May Flowers


Spring Cabinets



Hand-painted Wardrobe in a Japanese Temple

Bald Eagle

DSC00010-002Snapped this picture of a bald eagle hiding in a tree along the Mississippi Bluffs. 

View that Spawned the Previously Posted Mural


View that Spawned the Previously Posted Mural