Happy Trees!

Celebrations abound! Festive palm tree in Taipei

Green Tea Tree

Ok Korea, I Love a good hot cocoa and this mint Chocolate was delish. But WHY add the green tea tree on top?!? Cocoa doesn’t need tea! And I thought it was a mint cookie. . . . it was horrible! Trickery I tell you! But seriously, if you’re in Korea for the #olympics, you gotta try their cafes. They are SO good. Cafe Bene and Angel-N-Us are two of my faves. Fellow #traveler, which coffee shop is your guilty pleasure?

Christmas Balloons!

#Christmas is here with trees and Christmas Light #balloons !!!!

They make the ballooons by taping lights on the outside. They are so beautiful and awesome!!

April Shower and May Flowers


Spring Cabinets



Hand-painted Wardrobe in a Japanese Temple

Bald Eagle

DSC00010-002Snapped this picture of a bald eagle hiding in a tree along the Mississippi Bluffs. 

View that Spawned the Previously Posted Mural


View that Spawned the Previously Posted Mural

Is Your Tree Up?


Twisty Tree

Twisty Tree

The branches on this tree looked like grabbing octopus arms!


Last Tulip Blossom :)