Proud #Peacock

Say ‘hello’ to Brynn the bright #Peacock from the #Changchun #WildAnimal Park in #China. They let us feed them from our hands. Such brilliant colors!

#Cheonggyecheon Stream

  #Cheonggyecheon Stream in the center of #Seoul.  The area used to be an abandoned road that was filled with trash and yuck.  The city cleaned it up, ran a stream through it, and turned it into a walking park with clean water to wade in and bridges to play under.  The area is full of families and dating couples on summer evenings!

Wading in Lilies ~ Sounds Like a Dream


Dive Bomb!


Ducky Duddle in a Puddle


Winter Robins


The Robins came too early this year, so they are feeding off the berry trees.

Bald Eagle

DSC00010-002Snapped this picture of a bald eagle hiding in a tree along the Mississippi Bluffs.