Gongyi Grotto

#Gongyi #Grottos – one if 4 Famous grottos in #China.  These are places where loyal #monks have carefully carved out thousand and millions of #buddhas and religious #statues into the walls of nearby #caves over CENTURIES!  Unfortunately, many of the ones in Henan were destroyed during the #CulturalRevolution or were defaced by the Western militaries During the wars with #China.  Still an amazing, awe-inspiring sight! Well worth the trip! Thanks to the Henan Provincial Tourism Bureau for sponsoring our trip today – it was lovely!

The Next Generation


Jumping Jacks (Wushu-Style)

Look carefully, and you’ll see the Chinese lanterns in the background – I thought this was a cool photo. These are performing Chinese students of Wushu from the Shaolin Temple during the¬†biennial Wushu Festival.


Light in the Shadows


Through Ancient Roofs



The modern Kyoto Tower through the roofs of one of the Shrines


Standing Guard

Grim-faced Statues still standing guard over the burial grounds of China’s Emperors



My Peaceful Spot


Koi Fish swimming around the pond next to the temple at Arashiyama