Shaolin Temple’s Wushu Monks!

Henan is home to the Shaolin Temple – made famous in Jackie Chan’s films and the center of Chinese Kungfu or “Wushu.”  The monks did a performance for the Henan Tourism Festival!

Jumping Jacks (Wushu-Style)

Look carefully, and you’ll see the Chinese lanterns in the background – I thought this was a cool photo. These are performing Chinese students of Wushu from the Shaolin Temple during the biennial Wushu Festival.


Lights in the Dark


Dancing in Arms

Dancing in Arms

Dancing Students at a College Performance, Xinzheng, China

Let’s Dance!


Freshman Welcoming Ceremony at Sias International University

Chinese Dancers


I almost died watching her.  Also, his poor head!


Chinese Theatre



Acrobats and dancers at a show in Beijing


The Crowd


This group of guys were particularly enjoying the Magician’s performance. They looked like such a fun group of people 🙂 I wanted to join their party!