Happy Birthday China!


This is the week where China celebrates it’s birthday!  Lots of fireworks!

Cooking Spree!

Lol, I went on a cooking spree today (see my post on DeceptivelyBlonde) and ended up decorating cookies.  I wanted to practice my different lenses on the camera, and the sprinkles/icing color changes made the colors really stand out with different lenses.  I especially like the red and black version!

B&W Mountains

B&W Mountains

I was bored and playing with pictures of the mountains; tested out the B&W option on my camera and this resulted. I love the 3D effect Plus, I like how the small historical fort on top of the far right mountain stands out!

Oil Painting Artists (Modified)

Men in Oil Paint

I took the original and played around with it a little bit until it came out looking like this. I actually like it better than the original since it picks up on the rainy day theme.