Under the Sea ~ The Aquarium Sea!


Osaka Aquarium Whale Shark

Osaka from the Ferris Wheel


The Crowd


This group of guys were particularly enjoying the Magician’s performance. They looked like such a fun group of people 🙂 I wanted to join their party!

It’s Magic!


Some Japanese Performers at the Osaka Castle. That was so much fun, and I just kind of stumbled upon it.

Osaka Monument


Not sure what this monument stood for; but it was really cool to see. Stood right next to the Osaka Castle, and had a bunch of kids standing around doing chants that day.  NOt sure why (everyone else thought it was weird too–the Japanese people were giving them a wide berth), but they were hollering chants and what sounded like pig-calling noises (Suey…Suey).  You can see two of them at the bottom.

Osaka Castle

Osaka CastleThe Castle in Osaka, Japan. Incredibly famous it’s one of the most popular tourist sites in Japan