Can Anyone Read This?

DSC01698I know this is a random question, but my Japanese is pretty awful, so can anyone else tell me what this says?   I ran into it at Arashiyama near the entrance to the monkey park, so I’m assuming it has something to do with that. But what are the two firework looking things?  Sorry, but I keep imagining all sorts of responses 😛

7 thoughts on “Can Anyone Read This?

  1. Here’s my shot at a translation:
    First, across the top it reads “Protect Arashiyama from Fires”
    Then, there are three sponsors listed below. The first (嵐山保勝会)is a little tough to for me to put into English; I think the 勝 here refers to 勝地 (shouchi, a place of scenic beauty, used for the Kyoto area), so it would translate as something like “Association for the Preservation of Scenic Beauty”. The second and third sponsors translate simply as “Kyoto Forestry Office” and “Nishi-kyo (West ward) Fire Station”.

    • Thanks!! They looked like fiery objects, but I thought that was just me. I thought perhaps it was telling the story of a legend about the monkeys or something. I thought maybe they saved the place from a fire, but I guess instead we need to save them 🙂

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