Tomb Guardians

These Chinese tomb guardians always tickle my funny bone 😂 They look like the zhombie ghost has already arisen and it’s a REALLY bad hair day. The disgust! 😂😂

Myeongdong Kebabs and darlin Boys

😂😂😂😝😝 Tried to photograph my deligious chicken kebab – but my phone was in love with #BTS in the background. Would not focus on my chicken for want of snapping cute boy pics 😂😂 Love #myeongdong though!

Cafe on the Plan

Chungmuro Station, Seoul, ROK

Stay the Course

Keep plucking along guys!

In the still of the afternoon

Surrounded by the peaceful rest of the rising mountains, the little town in turn sheltered the still of the waters.
*View from one of Suwon’s pavillions, Seoul.


Street art in Seoul! 🎨

Through Ancient Eyes

From old to new – glimpse through the acient wall to modern streets