Highlighting History, Shadowing Mystery

Found this while wandering down Tianzifang in Shanghai. Tianzifang is a maze of buildings in the old French Concession area.

Did you ever read one of the old books where someone got lost in the streets of China?  Going farther and farther back into the twisting buildings built one overlapping the other, up and up and up.  And below it all, the stranger moves deeper into an under-land of small one room stores and little, elderly artists and laborers selling their services?  Tianzifang is one of the magical places, full of mystery, history, and a touch of the mystical. 



Light in the Shadows


What Dreams May Go

Lanterns lit during the Lantern Festival 2015

Lanterns lit during the Lantern Festival 2015

Chinese Lanterns Alight


I had never seen lit Chinese Lanterns before, at least not some that were actually serving as lanterns 🙂