I Love My Darlings!

You know why I love my job? Because of the amazingly sweet and tender-hearted students I meet. I recently posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ to my mom. More than 300 of my students responded with Best wishes and love. 😍💕 Hearts of gold I tell ya!

Scrabble Night!

Scrabble night at the #university!  The #Chinese students first time ever – we hosted a big #competition! 😃 They had a ton of fun – one group earned 38 points in a turn!

#Halloween Haunted House!

Totally awesome haunted house tonight.  So proud of my juniors!  All by themselves, they planned and put the party on. The 3rd and fourth floors had been transformed.  Piles of leaves all through the halls and rooms, scattered chair overturned for the ‘abandoned effect’!  The classrooms were amazing – evil butcher room with the creepy guy chopping bloody stuff; creepy dead bride in her red wedding dress, ghosts everywhere including up in the window ledges – they’d jump from the ceiling to scare people. 😱👻 People hiding under tables or in fabric screens would grab your feet 😂  I loved it!  Such a great job!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!


September 10th was Teacher’s Day in China, the day students and administration recognize their teachers for all the hard work and efforts.  I’m always impressed by how many students actually take the time to stop and tell me thanks or Happy Teacher’s day – yesterday, my entire class stood up and wished me a great day!  It really is a great time for teachers and student to connect, reaching out to one another.  Personally, I believe it is also a great day for teachers to reach out to the students and thank them for being so attentive and working so hard for them.  I always like to stop and tell them how much I appreciate their time and efforts, and to let them know I respect them for actually working with me instead of cheating their way through.   

I really do have great students!


Synchronized Identicals


Students at the Wushu Festival in the Henan Shaolin Temple.  The students work tirelessly to become this good.