New Years Party (in disguise)

Things! Excitement! Thrills! 😜

Was told our #university was hosting a #newyear Party for foreign #Faculty . . . . a mandatory event because they were nominating people for awards. 

Turns out my dean had not been informed that it was NOT a#party 😭 In fact, many teachers and staff (including both my deans and their executive assistant) were bewildered when we showed up to a #symposium and #conference instead.  Everyone was expected to do speeches and participate in round tables #onthefly.  I found it hysterical. In fact, that night – as soon as they served the #alcohol and we started to FINALLY party (4 hours later). . . they said the conference was over and we had to leave. We partied for about 15 minutes total and spent 5 hours there. 😜

I lucked out – got seated next to a good-looking, friendly #Irish guy and had a great time running commentary on the awkwardness of the situation. 

I also got an #award out of the whole deal!

So all things good. 😊

#humor #teaching #lifeabroad 

Christmas Ride!

Awwwww  #Santa picked me up yesterday for a ride on his way to deliver #toys!  ❤️💖 Wasn’t he sweet!  Although his reindeer have upgraded to being disguised a lot like a #Toyota. 😆 Thanks to #Didi for the opportunity to be sleigh escorted to my #Christmas #party!

#Halloween Haunted House!

Totally awesome haunted house tonight.  So proud of my juniors!  All by themselves, they planned and put the party on. The 3rd and fourth floors had been transformed.  Piles of leaves all through the halls and rooms, scattered chair overturned for the ‘abandoned effect’!  The classrooms were amazing – evil butcher room with the creepy guy chopping bloody stuff; creepy dead bride in her red wedding dress, ghosts everywhere including up in the window ledges – they’d jump from the ceiling to scare people. 😱👻 People hiding under tables or in fabric screens would grab your feet 😂  I loved it!  Such a great job!

Easter #Brunch!

Easter Brunch!

Honey-Glazed Ham, Deviled & Colored eggs, Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Rolls, Scalloped Potatos, Drinks and more! My Chinese student Harry came yesterday to cook and craft with me, then today good friends came for the party!

Happy Easter!