Fishes and Peppers!

#Chinese New Year’s is upon us! I know because there are fish with red pepers being hung!

#Fish around the new years represents “nián nián yǒu yú (年年有鱼)” which means ‘May you have Fish every year.’  Apparently it is pronounced the same as ‘May you have extra each year.  Also the word for fish is similar to the Chinese word for ‘enough’

Apparently the red peppers repesent good luck and income (I’ve had different responses).  

So the picture means – ‘May you have enough of everything you need in the New Year!

New Years Party (in disguise)

Things! Excitement! Thrills! 😜

Was told our #university was hosting a #newyear Party for foreign #Faculty . . . . a mandatory event because they were nominating people for awards. 

Turns out my dean had not been informed that it was NOT a#party 😭 In fact, many teachers and staff (including both my deans and their executive assistant) were bewildered when we showed up to a #symposium and #conference instead.  Everyone was expected to do speeches and participate in round tables #onthefly.  I found it hysterical. In fact, that night – as soon as they served the #alcohol and we started to FINALLY party (4 hours later). . . they said the conference was over and we had to leave. We partied for about 15 minutes total and spent 5 hours there. 😜

I lucked out – got seated next to a good-looking, friendly #Irish guy and had a great time running commentary on the awkwardness of the situation. 

I also got an #award out of the whole deal!

So all things good. 😊

#humor #teaching #lifeabroad