Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Cardinals Game


Went to the game Tuesday, what a beautiful day! My 2-week old baby cousin had her toe and fingernails painted red for the occasion 😛

Sunrise, Sunset


No filters or anything! I was playing with the autofocus / speed of shutter and trying to see how clicking in before autofocus adjusted would modify the image.  I got some amazing pictures of the sunset out of it!


Nom Nom


Doesn’t this look delicious!

Moving to China

Sorry everyone!  I’m in the process of moving to China at the end of this month, so everything is REALLY hectic.  This unfortunately translates into the fact that posts for the next few weeks may be slightly more erratic than normal.  I promise that I will smooth it all out as soon as possible!


sliding down

How I spent my last 4th of July: waiting for the Pakistani President to finish his tour of the Beijing  Temple of Heaven and watching this kid have the time of his life.  He spent probably thirty minutes climbing up and sliding down the stone edging of the stairs.  🙂