New Years Party (in disguise)

Things! Excitement! Thrills! 😜

Was told our #university was hosting a #newyear Party for foreign #Faculty . . . . a mandatory event because they were nominating people for awards. 

Turns out my dean had not been informed that it was NOT a#party 😭 In fact, many teachers and staff (including both my deans and their executive assistant) were bewildered when we showed up to a #symposium and #conference instead.  Everyone was expected to do speeches and participate in round tables #onthefly.  I found it hysterical. In fact, that night – as soon as they served the #alcohol and we started to FINALLY party (4 hours later). . . they said the conference was over and we had to leave. We partied for about 15 minutes total and spent 5 hours there. 😜

I lucked out – got seated next to a good-looking, friendly #Irish guy and had a great time running commentary on the awkwardness of the situation. 

I also got an #award out of the whole deal!

So all things good. 😊

#humor #teaching #lifeabroad