0_0 Scary Marble Mountain Slide

Climb Liaojieling Mountain in Henan, and you get the opportunity to check out this sweet marble slide!  It goes about 3 city blocks down and immediately dead ends on a 2ft platform leading to a major 20 ft+ drop off. The only thing between you and the fall is a unreliable large net.  FUN!  😛  It was tons of fun actually, pretty awesome!

Rising Through the Mist


Playing Dirty


Mud Volleyball at Mark Twain Days in Hannibal, MO 4th of July

Fuzzy Around the Ears


Buck feeding in the Fields

Baa Baa Red Sheep


Still Celebrating the Year of the Sheep!

What Dreams May Go

Lanterns lit during the Lantern Festival 2015

Lanterns lit during the Lantern Festival 2015





Traditional Food from the Dragon Boat Festival. What do you think? Want to give it a try?!?IMG_20150620_225742 IMG_20150620_225909