I went out walking one mornung in spring ðŸŽ¼

‘By the river I went walking
When my troubles came to mind.
But I did not stop for them
And they could not catch up to me.’

This is the breath-taking park at #Arashiyama in #Kyoto Japan. My friends went to find the #monkey 🙈🙉🙊park at the top of the mountain, but I’m not a HUGE fan of monkeys up close – and – personal. So I just walked along the river. This day is one of my most precious memories. The atmosphere just soothes your soul ❤️.

Cherry Blossoms

Art in the temple & gardens of Sanjusangendo & Chishaku-in at the beautiful #Kyoto. Facebook reminded me of this trip in my memories today. I still say, if you could only visit one city in all of #Japan, go to Kyoto. Breathtaking history, culture, art, museums, temples, natures, modern. . . . I ❤️ Kyoto as much as I do Seoul (and that’s saying a lot!)

Through Ancient Roofs



The modern Kyoto Tower through the roofs of one of the Shrines


Under the Sea ~ The Aquarium Sea!


Osaka Aquarium Whale Shark

My Peaceful Spot


Koi Fish swimming around the pond next to the temple at Arashiyama

Spring Cabinets



Hand-painted Wardrobe in a Japanese Temple

Ducky Duddle in a Puddle